Why this is important:

It is essential that allowance recipients report any changes in income or significant life events as soon as possible. With the app, you can view the current data used to calculate your allowance. For example, you can see how much allowance you receive per month and which income is taken into account. Has your income changed? You can immediately report this via the app, including for your partner or cohabitant for housing allowance. This way, you receive exactly what you are entitled to, no more and no less.

Stay up-to-date with the app:

The government keeps you informed about your allowances through the app. You will receive a notification when something needs to be checked or adjusted for your allowance, such as your income. Then you can check if your details are still correct and adjust them if necessary.

If you wish, you can receive a notification every time a new message appears in the app. When installing the app, simply choose ‘allow notifications’. This way, you will be notified when a new message is available for you. If you prefer, you can also enable this setting later in the app.

Do you want more information about the app and to download it directly? Click on this link.

When is tax payment not necessary?

If you sell items as a hobby or for personal use, you usually don’t have to pay taxes on the income. For example:

  • Selling clothes you no longer wear on Vinted.
  • Selling old magazines or comics on Marktplaats.
  • Getting rid of old sports equipment on Tweedehands.net.
  • Selling furniture before moving house on Marktplaats.

In such cases, you don’t need to report this income to the tax authorities. For more information, you can visit the page ‘Is your online activity a hobby or a business?‘ (in Dutch).

When do you need to pay taxes?

If you buy items with the intention of selling them for profit, your online sales are considered a source of income and you must pay tax on the profit. For example:

  • You realize that your vinyl records or comic books are worth a lot and actively seek them out to sell. In this case, you must pay tax because you’re selling them with the intention of making a profit.

Reporting obligation versus paying taxes

Since January 1, 2023, online platforms are required to provide data if a seller makes 30 or more sales or exceeds €2000. However, this doesn’t automatically mean you have to pay taxes on this income, even if you exceed these thresholds. If the platform needs to provide information about you, you’ll receive a quarterly overview of the turnover. Check this carefully and report any errors to the platform.

Attention! There’s no threshold for reporting obligations for renting and services via an online platform. These platforms must provide all transaction data to the tax authorities.

We only handle corporate tax for clients who have us manage their entire company administration. We do not perform separate filings for clients who have already prepared their own balance sheet and income statement. This policy is in place because we are responsible for all filings. We cannot adequately verify the balance sheet and income statement if we have not prepared them ourselves.

We only handle income tax returns for clients who also have us manage their business administration. We do not handle individual income tax returns separately. However, we can handle the income tax returns of partners of entrepreneurs.

To qualify for the KIA, you must have invested at least €2,600 in the past year. An expenditure is considered an investment only if it costs more than €450 and is used over multiple years, such as a laptop, camera, or printer. If you add up all expenses above €450, you must exceed the threshold of €2,600.

At the end of the year, you can assess whether you meet this threshold. If you fall just short of €2,600, it may be advantageous to make investments for the next year now. If you are certain you won’t reach it, consider making the investment in January to increase your chances of benefiting from this scheme in the next calendar year. Try to invest as much as possible in one year.

Have you made investments in December that might have been better placed in January? Consult with us for advice.

Some points to consider:

  • A passenger car is not considered an investment for this scheme.
  • If you have to pay VAT, all the amounts mentioned above are exclusive of VAT.
  • If you are exempt from VAT or use the VAT Small Entrepreneurs’ Scheme (KOR), all the amounts mentioned above are inclusive of VAT.
  • The specified amounts are specific to the fiscal year 2023. Different threshold amounts may apply to other years.

Business expenses that are typically deductible include costs for business travel, office supplies, marketing expenses, employee salaries, rent expenses, and various other operational costs. When in doubt, please consult your accountant.

Certainly, it is crucial that you inform us if you receive benefits. Specific rules apply when combining benefits with business administration. As accountants, we need to consider these regulations. For instance, it may be mandatory to send monthly profit statements to the relevant authorities.