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Luca Pacioli (1447-1517)

What a fascinating history behind the name! Luca Book draws inspiration from the renowned Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli (1447-1517), often referred to as the father of modern accounting and bookkeeping. The most widely used accounting method globally is the Venetian style of Double-entry bookkeeping, and Luca was the first to extensively document this method. His work ‘Summa de arithmetica’ remains the foundation of our economic system to this day.

The Origin of Luca Book

Luca Book was founded by Hans Bracke, a financial expert with over fifteen years of experience as an entrepreneur in the cultural sector. Over the years, he gained extensive knowledge in setting up administrations for large companies, primarily focused on grant applications.

Not long after, he decided to specialize in accounting, providing support to both large and small entrepreneurs. After successfully completing his training as a bookkeeper, he founded Luca Book.

The team of Luca Book consists of four employees, including Hans, as well as Mariam and Martin, who are bookkeepers. Our marketing specialist, Duong, takes care of your online presence.

Hans Bracke
Financial manager