Steps for Collaboration with Luca Book as Your Bookkeeper

Step 1: Introduction

We start with an introductory conversation where we get to know your company and financial needs.

Step 2: Contract and Rates

We create a contract that outlines the nature of our services, rates, and expectations. This contract is signed by both parties to ensure transparency. The contract can be terminated on a monthly basis.

Step 3: Access to Financial Data

You grant us access to your financial data, including bank accounts and other relevant information, to enable us to effectively manage your accounting.

Step 4: Providing Documents

You can easily provide financial documents, such as invoices, receipts, and bank statements, through our secure app or email.

Step 5: Tax Services

We ensure timely and accurate preparation and submission of all necessary tax documents, including returns and financial statements, to the tax authorities.

Step 6: Financial Review

We schedule annual review meetings to discuss the financial health of your company. We analyze the figures and provide financial advice to optimize your business.

Step 7: Supporting Growth

Luca Book is ready to help you grow. We provide proactive advice on investments, cost management, and financial strategies to take your business to new heights

What can you expect? At Luca Book, you can count on a reliable partner who takes away your financial worries.