Why this is important:

It is essential that allowance recipients report any changes in income or significant life events as soon as possible. With the app, you can view the current data used to calculate your allowance. For example, you can see how much allowance you receive per month and which income is taken into account. Has your income changed? You can immediately report this via the app, including for your partner or cohabitant for housing allowance. This way, you receive exactly what you are entitled to, no more and no less.

Stay up-to-date with the app:

The government keeps you informed about your allowances through the app. You will receive a notification when something needs to be checked or adjusted for your allowance, such as your income. Then you can check if your details are still correct and adjust them if necessary.

If you wish, you can receive a notification every time a new message appears in the app. When installing the app, simply choose ‘allow notifications’. This way, you will be notified when a new message is available for you. If you prefer, you can also enable this setting later in the app.

Do you want more information about the app and to download it directly? Click on this link.