Business expenses that are typically deductible include costs for business travel, office supplies, marketing expenses, employee salaries, rent expenses, and various other operational costs. When in doubt, please consult your accountant.

You will receive an invoice from us on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, depending on your preference.

In our standard packages, we always offer the following services:

  • Preparation of the annual report for the relevant financial year
  • If applicable, the income tax return
  • VAT return
  • For a BV, we also handle the Corporate Income Tax (CIT) return and its submission to the Chamber of Commerce (CoC).

Certainly! We have extensive experience with both Amazon and Additionally, we can also handle the VAT filings for international transactions (particularly for Amazon) for your company.

Certainly! We can assist you with filing for VAT in the United States (USA). Please note that additional costs are associated with this service.

Although online is the new standard, you can also visit us in person at our office. If you prefer to submit your receipts and invoices on paper, that’s not a problem. We are happy to offer this option at no extra cost.

Certainly, we can assist you with this. However, the establishment of the BV must always go through a notary. We can support you with all other financial aspects. It is advisable to schedule an appointment with us before you make a final decision to convert your company. This way, we can ensure that you make well-informed choices that are best for your situation.

You can submit documents in three different ways:

  • Through our app, where you can capture and send receipts
  • You can send receipts to a specific email address
  • You can deliver the receipts in person at our office or send them by mail

Feel free to use different methods interchangeably.

A convenient way to keep your financial administration in check is by using automated accounting software while carefully tracking all your income and expenses. Store your financial documents in a secure location and make sure to regularly review your financial statements for a clear overview. At Luca Book, we are happy to take over these tasks for you. As our valued client, you only need to send your sales and purchase receipts to a designated email address, or you can use our convenient app to submit documents. We will then take care of the complete organization of your administration.

Certainly, we use an app. With this handy app, you can easily snap photos of receipts and invoices and send them to us for accounting purposes. This app is free to use for all Luca Book clients. Additionally, Luca Book’s accountant can use the app to ask specific questions about certain receipts or transactions.

We only handle corporate tax for clients who have us manage their entire company administration. We do not perform separate filings for clients who have already prepared their own balance sheet and income statement. This policy is in place because we are responsible for all filings. We cannot adequately verify the balance sheet and income statement if we have not prepared them ourselves.

Absolutely, we have this available. For only 7.5 euros per month, you can benefit from our quotation and invoicing module.

We only handle income tax returns for clients who also have us manage their business administration. We do not handle individual income tax returns separately. However, we can handle the income tax returns of partners of entrepreneurs.

Certainly, it is crucial that you inform us if you receive benefits. Specific rules apply when combining benefits with business administration. As accountants, we need to consider these regulations. For instance, it may be mandatory to send monthly profit statements to the relevant authorities.

Although we are not available by phone during the weekend, you can always email us or send a message through the app. We will respond as soon as possible.